3D Dental Volumetric Tomography

What is 3D tomography?


3D imaging is among the most advanced technologies available. The pictures taken outside, it gives comprehensive overview of the teeth and jaws and emits less radiation than traditional x-rays. In specific cases, 3D imaging can be crucial for a correct diagnosis that can be impossible to see on the standard x-ray images.

Here at the clinic we use Sirona 3D x-ray tomography before examinations.

In which cases, do we use the 3D tomography?


Before the planning of extractions of wisdom teeth, we looks at rot anatomy rot position to the mandibular nerve and in the upper jaw we looks at rot position to the sinuses.

Implant treatments, here it is about exactly the best way to determine the placement of the implant into the jawbone so that the denture to be as natural as possible.

In other pathological abnormalities such as diagnosis and treatment of cysts 3D x-ray is of great help.

3D tomography does it have high dose of radiation, is it harmful?

3D TOMOGRAFİ 11Compared to conventional panoramic radiography the radiation dose is a little lower, but compared to x-ray tomography of whole body radiation dose is so much smaller.