Dental Implant


Dental Implant, made from titanium, is placed inside the jawbone in order to replace the functioning of tooth root.Dental implants are made from titanium since it is the only element in nature that is compatible with human tissue.Ground breaking dental implant applications offer permanent and natural solutions to you in cases of single, partial or

Frequently asked questions about implant

1- How long does it take to place implant?
All operations last for between 45 minutes and 1,5 hours. Time consuming part of the operation is anesthesia and opening gingiva after preparing the sterilized environment. It takes approximately 5 minutes to place the implant. Thus, the time spent does not vary much for one or more implant placements.

2- Am I going to have any post-operative pain?
In general, the pain of implanting is not much different from that of tooth extraction. Bone dust application and supplementary surgery can be a little bit more painful. However, painkillers prescribed by your dentist shall help you overcome this period.

3-What if my structure is not compatible with implant?
In implant application, titanium is 100% compatible with every bone tissue. However, union with bone is not possible in some rare cases. In this case, implant can be applied to the same region once again after waiting for some time.

4- Are you going to place one implant per tooth?
Single implant can mostly substitute for 2 or 3 teeth. Thus, 6 or 8 implants can be used for a toothless patient in order to make prosthesis in a way to restore all his/her existing teeth. However, your dentist shall make the final decision after examining your bone structure.

5- If I undergo a surgery today, when will my prosthesis be completed?
It will be completed within 1-8 weeks due to the recovery period which depends on the bone quality in implant region.

6- What should or shouldn't I do after the implant operation?
You should protect your face from extreme hot after the operation. Thus, you shall avoid any potential swelling and bleeding in your face.

If you are smoking, we advise you not to smoke in the operation day. You can avoid the risk of biting your cheeks, if you do not chew until coming out of anesthesia. You should use your medicines and mouthwash timely. Do not apply force on the implant with your tongue for 1 month subsequent to the operation, so that there shall not be any force on the implant.

You can brush the teeth, neighboring the implant, lightly and carefully, a day after the operation.

Bredent Sky Blue Implants Of Advanced German Technology Are Used In Our Polyclinic. Our Patients Are Granted Implant Certificates After Implant And Prosthesis Applications.

Serial Number Of The Applied Implant Is Posted On These Certificates, Stamped And Signed By The Dentist. In Case Of A Problem, When Our Patient Calls Us Via The Telephone Number On These Certificates, They Are Directed To The Nearest Clinic Where Bredent Implants Are Applied.

In Our Polyclinic, Implants And Prostheses Are Guaranteed For 10 And 5 Years, Respectively.