Born in 1985 in İstanbul, Dr. Didem Kural Dıraz completed her secondary and high school
education at Saint Michel French High School. She started the Yeditepe University Faculty of
Dentistry in 2003 and graduated in 2009. She started her PhD (doctor of philosophy)
education in the department of paediatric dentistry at faculty of dentistry of Marmara
University in 2009. She accomplished her postgraduate residency training in 2014 with her
doctoral thesis on “Dentists’ Awareness Levels in Regard to Child Abuse and Neglect”.
Between 2014-2017 she worked in various clinics and hospitals in İstanbul. She moved in
Antalya at 2018. Being a member of Turkish Pedodontics Association and The European
Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, Didem Kural Dıraz has verbal and poster presentations in
various international and national congresses.