Specialists in Endodonticswasborn

Specialists in Endodonticswasborn in Sivas 1984. Dr. Egemen GÜLDAS completed his primaryandsecondaryeducation in Antalya. He startedtheFaculty of Dentistry of Süleyman Demirel University in 2003andsuccesfullygraduated in 2008.

Atthesameyearhe wasadmittedtoa doctorate program andgraduated in 2014 andbecame a doctor of scienceandendodontist. He worked as a specialist in endodontics at variousoutpatientclinics in Manavgat and Antalyabetween 2014-2017. He is currentlyworking at Perla Oral andDentalPolyclinic.

He is a member of theTurkishSociety of EndodonticsandEuropeanSociety of Endodontology. DrEgemen GÜLDAS has manyarticlespublished in internationallyjournals. He has alsomadescientificpresentations in manycongressesandsymposiumsorganized at internationallevel.

He is closelyinterested in periapicallesionhealing, rootcanalreplacement, extreme destructive teeth restorations, neural therapy and antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. His specialinterest is photography.