Perla Diş AntalyaWe have a dental prosthesis laboratory in which our technicians work in our polyclinic.

Laboratory Equipment

  • Wet-dry cad cam system provide the application of porcelain teeth to patient within the same day thanks to its wet dry feature.
  • Fast sintering machine provides the opportunity to apply zirconium teeth to patient on the same day.
  • Custom over implant tooth is prepared with exocaddesing system.

In our laboratories, nickel-free metal, which is a cutting edge technology product, is used in teeth prosthesis. Also, dental prosthesis are computer aided and produced without human intervention.

  • Perla Diş AntalyaDekema and schütz porcelain press oven have the feature of making the most custom inley– onley press crown with its infrared 8 bar vacuum feature.
  • Feldspatik is the most esthetic prosthesis. It is also known as “leaf porcelain” in colloquial language and actively applied in our polyclinic.
  • Solidilite V composite machine is lighter and have more elasticity than metal supported porcelains on immediate implementation. Thus we are using fiber supported composite material in our laboratory. Solidilite V is the supreme beam device used in this area.